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Fake tan applied at home is notorious for looking patchy and orange. If you’ve got an important engagement coming up, don’t take the risk of ending up with multi-coloured arms. Based in Aldershot, Hampshire, our salon is the only place to go when you need a professional spray tan. The treatment costs just £25, with a £10 deposit required upon booking. Trust Barrie Phillipe Hair and Beauty to do a great job, giving your skin a healthy glow.

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  • spray tans aldershot, hampshire fake tan
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  • spray tans aldershot, hampshire fake tan
  • spray tans aldershot, hampshire fake tan

A Healthy Way to Look Great

It is well-publicised that sunbeds are dangerous, and that being out in the sun for hours on end is equally as bad. These spray tans a lot less risky, giving you the same glow that you’d get from the sun. Avoid harmful UV rays but still get the colour that you crave with this treatment.

Aftercare Advice

After the treatment, we will give you sound advice regarding the best available aftercare, ensuring that the spray tan lasts the longest amount of time. Your tan will develop within six hours, and it is preferable that you sleep in the tan or shower at least nine hours after the tan. Please be aware that traces of tanning products may transfer to your clothes, but don’t worry as it will come out in the wash. We recommend that you moisturise daily, and your spray tan will last for five to seven days.

Consultation and Important Information

When you choose our spray tanning services, you opt for a range of tans, from a light natural shade to a darker colour. Prior to the treatment, we will host a consultation with you to discuss the colour you want and answer any questions you have. We request that you do not shave up to 24 hours before the tan, that you do not apply perfume or deodorant on the day, and that you do not swim in chlorinated water on the day. However, we recommend exfoliating and showering the night before the treatment to achieve the best results.

Please make sure that you wear loose, dark clothes and no bra when coming to our salon for a spray tan. Although we have mats under your feet to ensure an even colour, we still ask that our customers bring a pair of flip flops. If you have sensitive skin, it is advised that you come for a patch test at least 24 hours before the treatment.

Privacy Is Our Priority

All of our spray tanning is done in a private room away from prying eyes. We request that you wear your own clothes, and it is recommended that you bring your own underwear. If you would prefer, we will happily give you a spray tan nude. At Barrie Phillipe Hair and Beauty, we pride ourselves on our professionalism, ensuring that your dignity is maintained throughout the treatment. We complete spray tans for both men and women, with a female spray tanner available should you require one.

Complete Your Look

A spray tan ensures that your skin looks great at your next party, event, or engagement. Why not add to that with one of our hair packages? Our expert hairdressers are happy to work with a range of styles, and are able to create something truly unique for you.