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Microblading can transform your look, whether its Eyebrows, Eyelash enhancement, Eyeliner or Lips.

Microblading now at Barrie Phillipe hair and beauty salon with Shauney Lewis. Introductory offer ends 1st May 2018.


Eyebrows- This can take years off you, it can help if you have sparse, over-plucked, patchy brows or you are suffering from a hair loss condition or even if you have been through chemotherapy. It can also be for simply adding colour or definition to your existing brows.

Eyelash Enhancement

Subtly adds definition and colour to your lashline to create the appearance of thicker lashes


Ranges from a medium line along the lash line to enhance and widen your eye and give a more awake appearance, to a thicker bolder line to make your eyes 'pop'


Allows you to have a semi permanent deeper colour and/or a liner. the procedure can transform your lips by adding definition and volume.


FREE patch test, consultation & Aftercare

Eyebrows £150.00 | Top up £80.00

Lipline £100.00 | Top up £60.00

Lipline blush £150.00 | Top up £80.00

Full Lips £180.00 | Top up £110.00

Eyeliner £100.00 | Top up £60.00

Top and Bottom £150.00 | Top up £80.00

Lash Enhancement £80.00 | Top up £50.00

Top and Bottom £120.00 | Top up £70.00

*£20 booking fee required to hold your microblading booking 

*Minimum of 2 appointments Top up needed 4-6 weeks after initial appointment. 

*Patch test required at least 48 hours before first appointment. *18 and over only

Call to arrange your microblading appointment today.